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Are you considering getting a homebuyers report? Do you need an affordable and trusted surveyor to do it? Let Banco Surveyors, an independent chartered surveyors firm help you.


It may come as a surprise, but research tells us that only 20% of homebuyers commission a professionally carried out survey. Why? People think that the survey undertaken by the mortgage lender does the job, but in fact, it doesn’t and only provides a general valuation and won’t point out more complex issues that you need to consider, such as structural defects and repairs that require immediate attention.

Remember, there are two types of surveys in this particular field, the building survey, and the Homebuyers report.

Homebuyers Report

A Homebuyers Report is designed for properties that are less than 150 years old and appear, on the surface at least, to be in a good condition. This report will focus on whether the property is worthy of the price that is being asked for it and will see if there are any urgent problems that need addressing and what action would need to be taken.


Building Survey

On the other hand, the Building Survey will include details of both minor and major defects and is considered to be a more thorough report. It is suitable for properties that have things like extensions or of an unusual shape and structure. 

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